Drum Circle Etiquette

Know that you are welcome to join in!

Take off your rings. They can damage drums.

Don’t borrow a drum without asking first. The drums caregiver (we never really own a drum) will probably be thrilled to lend it to you. But then again a drum can have special meaning to someone.

If you are new to drumming and borrow a drum, only use your hands. Leave the beaters to those who know how to use them without damaging the drums.

Listen. Hear the groove. THEN join in.

A drum circle is a “conversation”. Allow others to speak.

Respect everyone. Some are serious about creating music. Others about being part of a community. A few may be on a quest of some type. Others may come to heal. Newcomers may have come to check things out. Honor the power of the circle to bring people with different intentions together to drum.

No smoking, alcohol or drugs. (It is a respect thing.)

Kick in a cash donation to the circle itself. There are hard dollar costs in putting on a drum circle.

And most of all, let yourself enjoy the power, magic, community, peace and healing that comes from the music of the circle.