First Whale Spirit Drum Circle a success!

The first gathering of the Whale Spirit Drum Circle in Seaside Oregon was a success. 20 people from all over the region came to this community drum circle held in the Bob Chisholm Community Center in Seaside Oregon on March 2, 2019. We had traditional djembes from Africa, modern drum circle djembes, elk hide frame drums, modern frame drums, a conga and even a bucket drum. Experience levels ranged from experienced musicians to first-timers. Over half the group met to “debrief” at the Seaside Brewery afterward. All said they would return. The Whale Spirit Drum Circle meets the first Saturday of the month at either the Bob Chisholm Community Center in Seaside Oregon or “at the turnaround” where Broadway ends at the Pacific Ocean in Seaside OR. The weather picks our location for us.

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